Vol. 2 (2009): KASBIT Business Journal Volume 2, ISSN(P):1994-1609 ISSN(E) 2072-8018

Socio-Economic Consequences of Adolescent Childbearing in Osun State, Nigeria

By: ohn Lekan Oyefara View

Action Research: A New Look

By: Jashim Uddin Ahmed View

Mapping China’s Trade with Sub Saharan, Africa: A Financing Mechanism

By: Ghirmai T. Kefela View

Political Economy and Social Welfare with Voting Procedure

By: Jamal Nazrul Islam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio View

Enhancing an Ethical Culture in Government Departments through PurposeDriven Leadership for Delivering Improved Service to the Public: The Case of South Africa

By: Nirmala Dorasamy & Ravinder Rena View

Analysis of Education Policy, Neglected Areas and Better Management: The Study of North-East African Nations

By: Ghirmai T. Kefela View

Establishment of Micro-Finance Bank, Utilizing NADRA’s Computerized Facilities: Suggestions for BISP, Asian Bank, World Bank and Donors Agencies to Disburse Funds

By: Gobind M. Heran View

Job Satisfaction for Employees: Evidence from Karachi Electric Supply Corporation

By: Nousheen & Gobind M. Herani & Mohammad Mahmud & Mohammad Tariq View  

Published: 2009-12-28