Vol. 3 (2010): KASBIT Business Journal Volume 3, ISSN(P):1994-1609 ISSN(E) 2072-8018

E-Learning – A Proposed Model to Meet the Millennium Development Goal-2

By: Gobind M Herani View

Faculty Mobility in the Private Universities: Developing Country Context

By: Zakia Khan & Jashim Uddin Ahmed & Shah Md. Al-Emran Sarker View

Consumer Behaviour towards Women’s Cooperative Dairy (Swakrushi Milk): A Field Based Study in Karimnagar District, India

By: Ravinder Rena & Suresh Vadde View

Gender Based Wage Discrimination and Its Impact on Performance of Blue Collar Workers: Evidence from Pakistan

By: Syed Mohammad Naqi Abbas & Shaikh Asim Athar & Gobind Herani View

A Study on Global Human-Immunodeficiency Virus and its Effect in Bangladesh

By: Jamal Nazrul Islam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio & Raymond Peter View

Impact of Organizational Culture on the Employees’ Commitment: Relationship between Levels of Organizational Culture with Commitment

By: Muhammad Suleman Sabir & Adeel Razzaq & Muhammad Yameen View

Published: 2010-12-21