Vol. 4 (2011): KASBIT Business Journal Volume 4, ISSN(P):1994-1609 ISSN(E) 2072-8018

Optimal Environmental Taxes Due to Health Effect

By: Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View

An empirical study of transferring international human resource policies into local subsidiaries of Bangladesh

By: A.K.M. Mominul Haque Talukder View

The NNP and Sustainability in Open Economy: Highlights on Recent World Economy and on Open Economy of Bangladesh

By: Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View

An empirical study of antecedents of super-measure management affecting employee?s performance and satisfaction

By:A.K.M.Mominul Haque Talukder View

Ranking of Public and Domestic Private Sector Commercial Banks in Pakistan on the Basis of the Intellectual Capital Performance

By: Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari & Muhammad Khalique & Abu Hassan bin Md. Isa View

Applying Total Quality Management in the Classroom and Solving Students Failure

By: Masoumeh Pourrajab & Ramli Basri & Shaffe Mohd Daud & Soaib Asimiran View

Approval Voting: A Multi-outcome Election

By: Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View

The Real Net National Product in Sustainable Development

By: Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View

It’s Not Just a Brand Name: the Impact of Language on Consumer Attitude and Behavior

By: Ernest Cyril de Run & Teh Chin Yee & Muhammad Khalique View

Output Maximization Subject to a Nonlinear Constraint

By: Jamal NazrulIslam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio View

Prospects of Globalization

By: Muhammad Mahmud & Madeha Almas View


Published: 2011-12-26