Vol. 5 (2012): KASBIT Business Journal Volume 5, ISSN(P):1994-1609 ISSN(E) 2072-8018

Ameliorating Financial Performance through Implementing Total Quality Management Practices: A Study of Pakistani Banks

By: Abdul Aziz & Gobind M. Herani & Asim Nasar View

Finding out Factors Affecting Tele-density Growth in Pakistan (1997-2011)

By: Abdul Aziz & Gobind M. Herani & Asim Nasar View

Port Environment Development: A Study of Chennai Port Performance of Ships

By: C. K. Gomathi View

Factors Affecting Traffic Jam in Karachi and its Impact on Performance of Economy

By: Faiq Matin & Gobind M. Herani & Usman Ali Warraich View

Challenges Faced by Textile Industry of Pakistan: Suggested Solutions

By: Walayat Shah & Usman Ali Warraich & Abdul Kabeer Kazi View

A Study to Observe Factors of Internal Marketing and its Impact on Employees’ Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Karachi Pharmaceutical Industry

By: Muhammad Zubair & Abdul Kabeer Kazi & Emadul Karim & Mohammad Qutubuddin Siddiqui  View

Effects of Non-Pecuniary Rewards on Employee Delight

By: Saba Gulzar & Syed Karamatullah Hussani View

Analysis of Influential Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior of Youngster towards Branded Products, Evidence from Karachi

By: Asim Nasar & Syed Karamatullah Hussani & Emadul Karim & Mohammad Qutubuddin Siddiqui View

Identifying Factors Affecting Patients’ Satisfaction against Quality of Health Care Services: An Investigation from Aga Khan Hospital Karachi

By: Fouzia Nasir & Gobind M. Herani & Nawaz Ahmad View

Profit Analysis in Indian Retailing with Special Reference to Reliance Retail Value Stores in Ranchi

By: Shubhashish Kerketta & Sukanta Chandra Swain View

Published: 2012-12-28