Vol. 6 (2013): KASBIT Business Journal Volume 6, ISSN(P):1994-1609 ISSN(E) 2072-8018

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Small Industries and its Impact on Global Warming

By: Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View

An Exploratory Evaluation of the Employment Role of Commercial Cart Pushing in Metropolitan Lagos

By: Charles Asenime & Akinlabi Hamed View

Human Resource Planning and Competitive Advantage: Investigating the Relationship

By: A.K.M. Mominul Haque Talukder & Md. Irfanuzzaman Khan View

Human Rights in Bangladesh: Stresses on the Period of 2009 to 2012

By: Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View

Human Resource Consultancy and Organizational Growth: Exploring the Relationship

By: A.K.M. Mominul Haque Talukder View

Population, Technology and Social Inequality: The Impact of the Dynamic Trio on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

By: John Lekan Oyefara View

The Relationship between Gross Domestic Product and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Cambodia

By: Lim GuechHeang & Pahlaj Moolio View

Identifying Factors of Consumer Behavior in Selection of Synthetic Vinegar

By: Faizan Ali & Gobind M. Herani View

An Analysis of the General and Gender Difference Regarding Emotional Intelligence among Employees: Evidence from Government and Non-Government Organizations of Hyderabad

By: Anisa Gul Bhatti View

Managing Risk Factors through Corporate Governance for Financial Institutions of Pakistan

By: Asim Nasar & Muhammed Saleem Mugheri & Zeeshan Rahaman View

Published: 2013-12-24