Vol. 7 (2014): KASBIT Business Journal Volume 7 Special Issue , ISSN(P):1994-1609 ISSN(E) 2072-8018

Exploring the Relationship of Work-life Conflict and Intention to Turnover: A Case of Teaching Hospitals of Karachi

By: Ambar Abrar & Dr. Zaki Rashidi View

Measuring the Correlation between Ethical Dimensions of Advertisement and Development of Society

By: Syed Karamatullah Hussainy & Syed Luqman Hakim & Muhammad Adil Khan View

Factors Influencing Selection of University by Working People in Pakistan

By: Hassan Raza & Muhammad Faheem View

Effect of Present Law and Order Situation on Academic Performance at Secondary Level of Education

By: Tahir Mahmood & Shumaila Bhutto View

Causes and Identification of Employees’ Politics and its Impact on Performance of Banking Industry in Pakistan

By: Avinash Advani & Shaista Tariq View

Identification of Factors and their Impact on Employees’ Training and Organizational Performance in Pakistan

By: Zuhair Abbas View

Published: 2014-05-05