Recognizing the Influence of Training Needs Analysis on Performance of Business Faculties in Karachi Business Schools


  • Dr. Muhammad Usman Aleem
  • Syed Babar Ali
  • Saima Naz
  • Dr. Umair Baig


Training Need Analysis, Teaching Skills, Research Skills, Technological Skills, Quality Management


The modern complex business environment requires managers to be equipped with appropriate
knowledge, skill-sets, and tools to perform effectively and efficiently. In that context the role of
business schools cannot be overemphasized. Accordingly, the faculty members of business schools
are expected to possess requisite competencies and skills for performing their responsibilities
properly. To achieve this purpose, a systematic process of TNA, that is, Training Need Analysis
should arguably exist. This study focuses on examining the impact of training needs analysis on
the performance of faculty members in business schools at Karachi. This study employs positivism
philosophy, and a deductive approach. Survey strategy was used to plan the various tasks
associated with this study. A questionnaire was sent to faculty members of business schools
operating in Karachi. Four bi-variate regressions were run, each representing independent variable
being regressed by one of the four independent variables. The results showed that, as indicated by
the high betas from the regressions, training needs analysis has a strong impact on the performance
of faculty members at business schools in Karachi.