Empowerment Of Women Through Entrepreneurship In Baluchistan


  • Mahmood Khan University of Balochistan
  • Dr. Noor Ahmed University of Baluchistan (Quetta), Assistant Professor and PhD Scholar


 The study examined the factor of entrepreneurship in the context of Baluchistan women. Being a fast-growing but least developed province, Baluchistan, there is a high level of gender inequality related to the lack of schooling and conservative social norms. In the current study,
women entrepreneurs' roles have been identified and associated with the factors, e.g. environmental, family, and personal attributes. The study was conducted in the localities of Quetta city with a population of agricultural entrepreneurs; the focus of this research is on female MBA students in Quetta-area universities. Correlation and regression were practical techniques to carry out the analysis. To test these relationships among hypotheses, we used SPSS software for testing the effects of dependent and independent variables. A systematic research design was applied for testing the constructed hypothesis. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used to identify the relationship and impact of the variables. The findings proposed the substantial impact of the factors on the role of women entrepreneurship in the context of Baluchistan.