Impact of Organizational Culture on the Employees’ Commitment: Relationship between Levels of Organizational Culture with Commitment


  • Muhammad Suleman Sabir
  • Adeel Razzaq
  • Muhammad Yameen


Organizational culture, surface level, espoused values, basic values, normative and affective commitment


The main aim of this paper is to examine the impact of organizational culture on the employees’ commitment towards organizational goal. Further, it focuses on three levels of organizational culture (i) surface level, (ii) espoused values and (iii) assumptions values, and their relationship with commitment of employees’ whether it is form of emotional attachment of employees or obligations for employees. Detailed literature review shows that organizational culture enhances the commitment of employees towards organizational goal. Organizational culture is compulsory part of the organization on which organization’s success or failure depends. Those organizations, which succeed in implementing the culture efficiently in the organization, lead the marker or gained high profitability. The organizational culture increases the employee’s commitment through installing different level (surface level, espoused values, basic assumptions and values) of culture in the organization.