Factors Influencing Selection of University by Working People in Pakistan


  • Hassan Raza
  • Muhammad Faheem


Influencing factors, university selection, working people, self-administered


The purpose of the study is to find out the factors, which working people rely on while selecting a university for higher studies. The study also finds how these factors are ranked according to their importance and how to highlight the universities in Pakistan to cater the importance of growing market segment of working people in Pakistan. The quantitative approach and self-administered questionnaire is used to examine seven factors extracted from relevant literature on the basis of five point likert scales by surveying 100 students of KASBIT, MAJU and FUUAST. The data are analyzed on SPSS and mean importance ranking is applied to find out the preferential ranking of working people to select a university. The analysis of research revealed that on the basis of mean ranking the ‘Timing of Lectures” identified as 1st ranked factor followed by 2nd “Cost of Education”, 3rd “Convenience”, 4th “Value of Education”, 5th “Degree content/ Structure”, 6th “Physical Facilities” and 7th “Recommendations”. It is recommended for universities in Pakistan to consider working people as distinctive segment and formulate marketing strategies to cater according to the priorities of the working people in Pakistan.