Relationship Marketing: Understanding Customer Satisfaction in Online Retailing of Chase Value Center


  • Farah Gogan
  • Urooj Fatima
  • Eesar Khan
  • Aamir Hussain


Customer Satisfaction, Relationship Marketing, Long Term Relationship, Online Retailer, Perceived Value


In the concentrated, forceful and swift change of marketplace, the key factors for companies and businesses are being studied by the researchers so that they could stay alive in the market. In the new global economy, customer satisfaction has become a basic central issue for business survival, profitability and growth. Impact of relationship marketing in customer satisfaction in online retailing has been a key factor for these kinds of researches. The study is an attempt to revisit customer satisfaction in context of online retailer through Relationship Marketing. In today’s competitive business world, the relationship marketing has the potential to be a highly effective marketing technique in which companies adopt to attain long term relationship with customers. Thus, the study reviewed the marketing literature on the customer satisfaction which is the independent variable and the dependent variables are convenience, security, service quality, trust and perceived value which were formulated and the generated outcomes were; Relationship Marketing helps the customers in satisfying them by making convenience for them to purchase without any difficulty, Relationship Marketing helps in maintaining and retaining good relationship with consumers by keeping customers personal information secured, Relationship Marketing has been effectively adopted in providing the quality service to customers 24 hours and 7 in order to build strong and long-term relation with customers, Relationship Marketing adopted by online firms enable them to attract customer and then satisfy them which builds trust between customer and online retailer, Relationship Marketing enables the firm in setting the good value in customers mind and help them in satisfying the customers. The populations used for this research include the customers of Chase Value Center online retailer. Convenience sampling technique was applied in this research and the sampling data is collected by the all type of consumers of Chase Value center through questionnaire. The sample Relationship Marketing (Understanding Customer Satisfaction in Online Retailing of Chase Value Center) size comprised of 200 customers of online Chase Value Centre. The statistical tool which was used in this research is Correlation, Multi Linear Regression and ANOVA by using SPSS software. The results suggest all five variables have a constructive impact as far as consumer fulfillment is concerned while consumer fulfillment has a constructive impact on online retailing and hence there is a constructive association between the relationship marketing and consumer fulfillment The study recommended that the firms need to improve more in their practice of relationship marketing on order to deliver better customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the results may change if different chain stores of multiple cities are considered.




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Gogan, F., Fatima, U., Khan, E., & Hussain, A. (2016). Relationship Marketing: Understanding Customer Satisfaction in Online Retailing of Chase Value Center. KASBIT Business Journal, 9(1), 5–30. Retrieved from

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