Comparative Analysis of Textile Firm in Pakistani Business Group (Case of DEWAN and MANSHA Group)


  • Shahida Suleman
  • Rashid Ali


liquidity, efficiency, profitability, market share, financial performance


This study is conducted in order to determine how does various financial factors liquidity efficiency, profitability and market share affect the financial performance of two textile family firm in Pakistani business group Nishat textile Mill and Dewan textile Mill. In this study, we conducted a comparative study by comparing both firm financial performance in term of liquidity, profitability, efficiency and market share. Data collected by the secondary source company’s annual audited report the size of the data is five we work on five years’ company financial data. Size of the sample is small selected two companies from textile sector. Nishat textile mill and Dewan textile mill selected in order to conduct comparative analysis of financial performance of companies. In order to evaluation and comparison of financial performance of selected companies, Textile Mill and Dewan Textile Mill. We use a financial ratio analysis technique, and adopted inductive approach by exploring the factors that affected the Dewan Textile Mill financial performance. In this research, use only secondary data. The exploratory research technique used for this study. The unit of analysis of our research is textile firm. Our results are indicating both firm financial position clearly that how adversely these financial factors affected the financial performance of the both firm. Our results indicating that Dewan textile mill liquidity efficiency profitability and market share are negative firm consistently suffered losses and became bankrupt contrarily Nishat textile mill liquidity, efficiency, profitability and market share indicating a positive results company consistently generating profit by efficiently manage its physical and human resources.




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Suleman, S., & Ali, R. (2019). Comparative Analysis of Textile Firm in Pakistani Business Group (Case of DEWAN and MANSHA Group). KASBIT Business Journal, 12(1), 109–137. Retrieved from

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