The Nature of Infaq and its Effects on Distribution of Wealth


  • Farooq Aziz
  • Dr. Muhammad Mahmud
  • Emad Ul Kareem


Infaq Quran, Allah


Infaq is one of the basic terms of the Quran, which is used in the Quran, at almost sixty places. It is
basically pious spending in the way of Allah. It has significant importance in Islamic economic
principles, with reference to redistribution of wealth and elimination of poverty. At different places
Quran has described its different aspects, e.g. its need, conditions, ways, and monetary and non-monetary results. It is used by the holy prophet, Peace be upon him (P.B.U.H) on different occasions
to fulfill the needs of individuals and society as well. In order to ensure the better distribution of
wealth which is the need of time, it is necessary to follow the orders of Infaq as given in Quran,
and also the guidelines provided by holy prophet P.B.U.H., therefore, the basic objective of this
paper is to analyze the role of these spending particularly infaq as a tool of equitable income
distribution in an Islamic society.




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