Human Resource Analytics for Partnering – A qualitative study


  • Kashif Mehmood Bahria University, Karachi
  • Afshan Rauf


Human Analytics, Human Resource Business Partner, VUCA


Researchers have shifted the focus on the vitality of HR Analytics. Nevertheless, the areas of competency of HR professionals, technology, and the role of business partnering have been a question mark. This research paper reflects these focal areas through case study and focuses group research design on analyzing the phenomenon. This paper is a qualitative research based on 12 companies, MNCs, and Local and a focus group study. Research deliberates on using R Analytics in a local context in such a changing environment and how analytics reshape R's function. Findings support that HR Analytics will shape the future of HR, and the areas covered are in transition for increased individual and organizational capabilities. It helps identify the current HR analytics trend and represents a more informed Strategic HR in the boardroom through predictive analytics to drive business results. Qualitative results have been represented through tabular data to highlight the areas of further improvement.