Establishment of Micro-Finance Bank, Utilizing NADRA’s Computerized Facilities: Suggestions for BISP, Asian Bank, World Bank and Donors Agencies to Disburse Funds


  • Gobind M. Herani


Microfinance Bank, e-Sahulat franchise, BISP, Aid and Donations, Disbursement


In this article attempt has been made to analyze the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) announced by the present regime and donors’ funds disbursement. The main objective of the article is to suggest the best possible transparent way of disbursing funds allocated by the Government as well as donor Agencies. Literature review reveals that there exist some technical problems in the disbursement of funds to the deserving persons, who are badly in need of these funds. Information is collected through informal interviews of various beneficiaries while secondary data for this article is collected for the sole purpose of analyzing the factual position relating to disbursement of funds. The study indicates that at present NADRA and e-SAHULAT could be the best utilized for transparent disbursement of funds as well as deposition of utility bills by re-charging the beneficiaries Accounts in real time. Process control system mostly recharges the deposited transactions on the same day, but input transactions must be processed quickly enough to enable the results to be used as feed back information.