Effects of Non-Pecuniary Rewards on Employee Delight


  • Saba Gulzar
  • Syed Karamatullah Hussani


Employee Delight, Job Satisfaction, Effective Interpersonal Skills, Non-Pecuniary Benefits


This study is aims to understand that what makes an employee delighted within an organization? What are the needs and desires of employees related to workplace ergonomics? This needs to be studied that monetary benefits, being researched by various researchers have shown a significant impact on delighting employees and these non- pecuniary act strongly in gratified employees from their jobs. In order to find out that the non- pecuniary and their impact on employee, a sample of employees, workings at different organizations in Karachi were asked to fill a questionnaire consisting of the non-pecuniary variables that delight them the most. The survey enabled us to explore an employee delight model and its determinants, and then this employee delight model was tested on 300 employees working at different organization. The results of this research showed that the variables used in model are not necessary in delighting the employees at workplaces. The variables that effects employee delight most includes workplace ergonomics, appreciation, flexible working hours, tools and equipment ,effective Interpersonal skills and entertaining activities.




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Gulzar, S., & Hussani, S. K. (2012). Effects of Non-Pecuniary Rewards on Employee Delight. KASBIT Business Journal, 5(1), 48–55. Retrieved from https://www.kasbitoric.com/index.php/kbj/article/view/57

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