Impact of Branded Goods on Consumer’s Purchase Intentions


  • Umair Tariq
  • Habibullah Khan


Brand attitude, Brand attachment, Core brand image, Price, Purchase intentions


Brands have become an important figure nowadays and branded goods have immensely changed the perceptions of the individuals purchase decisions. Branded goods are basically an ironic symbol for the consumers for that they are willing to pay higher prices in return of a good name. Purchase intentions may be blocked by the brand loyalty which can be a result of the cause related exertions of marketing. This research paper tries to explore the influence of apparent product image, past experience and product awareness on consumers purchase intention. This may leads consumers towards branded products. The independent variables which are argued in this particular study is firstly, the price which shows a detailed relations with the customer satisfaction and then how consumers persuade towards the particular goods with its complete intentions. Secondly, core brand image is the variable which is the direct component that comes in the minds of consumers while making a definite reason to opt for the brand. Thirdly, brand attitude is another variable which look for in the consumers mental state that what sort of marketing efforts are been done by the brands for themselves and according to that they perceives the brand. Lastly, brand attachment is the most vital variable which comes and shows the level of loyalty of the consumers towards the brand. These two important variables brand trust and brand attachment are operative on purchase intentions on the road to branded products. Purchase intentions of consumer is a state where consumers are delightful to make decisions to make a deal with the vender as defined in the literature. The sampling technique which is used in this research is random sampling. KHAADI in Karachi is chosen for the sampling data, the sample size is 150 out of which 117 were authentically returned. KHAADI. Regression is a key tool that has been used for the testing of hypotheses and positive results are determined that consumers do have direct impact of branded goods on their purchase intentions while keeping the variables into considerations. Therefore, analysis also discovered very imperative Impact of Branded Goods on Consumer’s Purchase Intentions
information and this research also shows the future research directions. The study is beneficial for the progress of the market and marks a positive and persuade the consumers towards branded products for its core values. The information provided in this piece of writing is exceedingly functional for the Brands with the aim to find out the depth of actual consumer’s intentions to have a competitive edge over market. Price and market mechanism (Demand and Supply) are the two essentials which needs to be kept in consideration for potential learners related to this field.




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