Human Rights in Bangladesh: Stresses on the Period of 2009 to 2012


  • Haradhan Kumar Mohajan


Crossfire, Death Penalty, Democracy, Extra judicial Killings, Human rights


This paper is about human rights in Bangladesh and stresses on the period of 2009 to 2012.
Bangladesh is a Parliamentary Democratic and densely populated country in South Asia.
Human rights are parts and parcel in a democratic country. In a country if human rights are
violated then the country cannot be developed and the democracy of that country becomes
weak. Human rights are violated in every country of the world. But extrajudicial killings like
crossfire and death in custody, abduction, child labor, violence of workers’ rights, violence of
women rights, women and children trafficking, public lynching, death penalty and
discriminations on religion minorities and indigenous people are alarming in Bangladesh. This
paper also discusses civil and political rights, social and economic rights and violation of these
rights in Bangladesh.