Analyzing the Affect of Celebrity Endorsement through Television Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior; Evidence from Telecom Customers Living In Karachi


  • Muhammad Faisal Sultan
  • Muhammad Adeel Mannan


Celebrity Advertisement, Celebrity Endorsement, Consumer buying behavior


Advertisements are always been a influential source which is used by celebrities in order to affect the consumer buying behavior appropriately, but now a day’s consumers are surrounded by those advertisements which contains lot of clutter and because of this consumers tends to ignore advertisements, specially advertisements from broadcast media are suffered a lot from this habit of customers, that’s why advertisers now a day’s try to use mix of advertising strategies in order to gain customers interest, and among all of these strategies used by the advertisers in the television through broadcast media the most important strategy is use of use of celebrities in their advertisements, but as there are several attributes which are associated with the celebrity endorsement which are creating impact on consumer buying behavior this is difficult for the researchers to identify the effect of each and every attribute which is associated with the celebrity endorsement and can create impact on consumer buying behavior, that’s why there is need of descriptive research which can identify the affect of different attributes related with the celebrity on consumer buying behavior and in order to check affect of these attributes of celebrity on consumer buying behavior in the minimal amount of time researcher has selected the telecom industry of Pakistan in order to analyze the effect of use of celebrities in the television on consumer buying behavior and for the compilation of this research we have taken sample of 338 respondents out of which 210 are male and 128 are females and for the analysis of data we have used regression and correlation and after implementing statistical tools we analyzed all the attributes of celebrity endorsement which we have checked in our research have an impact on consumer buying behavior on the telecom customers but the attributes which have most significant impact on the consumer buying behavior are attractiveness and trustworthiness of the celebrity. Telecom companies must use those celebrities in their advertisement that posses these attributes as compared to the other.