Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Identification: Mediating Role of Internal Respect and Employee Commitment


  • Bibi Zainab Irfan
  • Dr. Sayed Fayaz Ahmed
  • Dr. Irfan Hameed


corporate social responsibility (csr), employee commitment (ec), organizational identification (oid), perceived internal respect (pir)


This study is based on the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Organizational Identification (OID) with the mediation of Perceived Internal Respect (PIR) and Employee Commitment (EC). SPSS has been used to examine the data; data has been collected through a close-ended questionnaire. Mediation analysis is used to check the mediation effects, and it is concluded that CSR has an impact on Organizational Identification (OID). Perceived Internal Respect (PIR) is the route by which CSR moved towards Organizational Identification (OID). The responses do not prove the other route (i.e. Employee Commitment). The study has contributed to the body of literature and also recommended that moderator can be added further, geographical boundaries can be changed, the quantitative research method can be replaced by the qualitative research method in future researches. The implications of the study can be used to improve the organizational identification of employees.