An Analysis on Financial Development of Baluchistan, Province of Pakistan in Context of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (C.P.E.C)


  • Waseem Sadiq
  • Prof. Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo


Law & order conditions, mass transit development, urbanization industrial development, agricultural development, financial development in baluchistan


This research study was based on investigating the influence of CPEC’s parameters on the financial development of Baluchistan province. The type of study was descriptive, exploratory, qualitative, and quantitative. In this study: a regression model was constructed for the investigation; descriptive statistics, graphical analysis, and multivariate regression techniques were used to determine the impact of Law & Order Conditions, Mass Transit Development, Urbanization, Industrial development, Agricultural development on the financial development of the province in light of CPEC. While the targeted sample were the educated respondents of the various regions of Baluchistan province; and the convenient sampling method has used the results found to show that there is a positive and significant role of urbanization and law and order conditions in the determination of financial development in the province. It was also found that the marginal impact of law and order condition is relatively more significant as compare to urbanization. Also, Mass transit development, industrial development, and agricultural development have no significant relationship with financial development. Furthermore, in this study only accessible districts of Baluchistan province i.e. Gwadar, Kech, Panjgur, Kuhzdar, Lasbela, and Quetta were considered due to time and resource limitation.