Entrepreneurial Orientation, Online Credibility, and Online Performance: Evidence from SMEs in Pakistan


  • Malik Jawad Saboor
  • Hammad Manzoor
  • Dr. Adil Paracha
  • Zohaib Hussain Jamali


Entrepreneurial orientation, online performance, online credibility, competitive aggressiveness, risk-taking


The given work is revolving around the Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) dimensions on the online performance while this relationship is moderated by online credibility. It enhances the literature by differentiating performances of the B2C market and by describing how the five dimensions of EO impact the online performances through online credibility. For this purpose, a deductive approach has been adopted. The results demonstrate that EO dimensions have a great impact on online performance. The primary reason behind this is that novel ideas encourage the employees to learn more and this ultimately improves their performance to attain project goals and objectives. The results also show that online credibility moderates the relationship of EO dimensions and that of online performance. The study is unique in its scope as it empirically investigates the entrepreneurial orientation along with its dimensions in the context of the B2C market in Pakistan. This study addresses the gap in the literature by adding the three more dimensions in the relationship of EO online performance which is moderated by online credibility.