Do distributive and procedural justice matter in the services sector? Exploring the role of intrapreneurs


  • Wasim Abbas Awan Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto University of Law
  • Hina Amin KASB Institute of Technology
  • Deep Kumar Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto University of Law


distributive justice, procedural justice, intrapreneur, innovative work behaviour


This study looked at how innovative work behavior is affected by procedural and distributive justice. In addition, the study looked at how intrapreneurial personality affects each aspect of justice and innovative work behavior. This study evaluated the moderating role of intrapreneurial personality in the connection between the component of justice and innovative work behavior in the Pakistani services industry using a questionnaire survey method. To test the hypothesis and investigate the moderating role, SPSS has utilized hierarchical regression. The findings demonstrated a significant correlation between innovative work behavior and distributive and procedural justice. In addition, their relationship is significantly and positively altered by the intrapreneurial personality. Later, the study concludes by discussing implications and present future directions.