Factors Affecting Traffic Jam in Karachi and its Impact on Performance of Economy


  • Faiq Matin
  • Gobind M. Herani
  • Usman Ali Warraich


Traffic Jam, Traffic Management, Congestion, Karachi, Performance of economy


Attempt has been made to investigate the factors of traffic jam in Karachi and find out its impact on the performance of economy. Previous studies highlight the same field but due to rapidly changes in infrastructure of Karachi city and growing population raise the demand for more facilities, space and vehicles. It became a vital challenge for city to manage the flow of traffic as per routine and design the ways through which problems can rectify and minimize the future problems. In this study exploratory approach has been used and primary data was collected through various methods and techniques which helpful to investigate in the subject matter. The qualitative research study conducted via one to one interviews from citizens of Karachi along with the structured questions. Researcher’s observation and experience work as a catalyst to analyze the factual finding in an appropriate way. The results of data have been critically examined from prospective. This study concluded the key issues for traffic jam is non-availability of long term planning by traffic management which leaves negative impact on performance of economy is clearly exposed. It is recommended that factors indicated in this research may be rectified and remedial measurement may be taken to control these responsible factors which will creates better performance of economy.