Identifying Factors of Consumer Behavior in Selection of Synthetic Vinegar


  • Faizan Ali
  • Gobind M. Herani


Consumer behavior, Synthetic vinegar


This study investigated the desires of consumers to introduce a new product in market in
general and synthetic vinegar as a particular in order to raise the market share of the synthetic
vinegar. The primary data was collected in survey and communication method was used to
collect the information from respondents. In communication method personal interviews were
conducted through structured questionnaire as a tool to collect information for this purpose.
Results reveal that consumers were more quality conscious and they wanted a flavor in
vinegar. Most of the consumers used branded vinegar, while some consumers were using
unbranded vinegar. Results also revealed that purchase of investigated produce was most
significant by their availability in retail outlets. For increase of market share of vinegar it
should be promoted on large scale and produce Synthetic Vinegar in different flavors like:
grapes, sugar cane, and black berry.