Advertising Styles’ Impact on Attention in Pakistan


  • Syed Karamatullah Hussainy
  • Kashif Riaz
  • Abdul Kabeer Kazi
  • Gobind M. Herani


Humorous Appeals, Serious Appeals, Attention


The topic was selected after giving consideration to the modern environment and the use of
media by advertisers for attention purposes of their products. It was also observed that the
number of channels especially in the electronic media have also geometrically increased over
the last two decades. It is now becoming difficult for advertisers to get the attention of their
products in the minds of their viewers. The methodology used in the research was focus group
and ads of different products were shown to them which included humorous and serious appeals.
As the literature review revealed that these two types of appeals have significant differences
when measuring attention between humorous and serious advertisements. At the end of the
research, it was established that there is a significant difference between the attention of humorous
and serious appeals. Initially, the idea was taken from research conducted in Sweden. The same
parameters were analyzed in Pakistan. We concluded that the reaction of two different societies
has almost the same response for humorous and serious advertising appeals.