Factors That Affect Brand Loyalty: A Study of Mobile Phone Industry of Pakistan


  • Muhammad Tabish
  • Syed Furqan Hussain
  • Saher Afshan


brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand image, promotion, brand trust


Building brand loyalty is very important and very crucial to maintain it. Making brand loyalty is becoming an important element to gain long-term profitability and competitive advantage. The objective of this study was to determine the key element and their contribution towards making brand loyalty so the study shows a significant and positive relationship between brand loyalty and the subjected variables including brand image, customer satisfaction, trust, and promotion. This quantitative research was done with a sample size of 406 specifically mobile phone users and questionnaire was the tool to collect data which was distributed among mobile phone users all over Pakistan and analyzed through SPSS. The results found and after evaluation, it concludes that the brand image has the highest contribution toward dependent variable that is brand loyalty on the other hand correlation between trust and customer satisfaction was found intensively with the highest level among all variables and lowest with customer satisfaction and promotion. It is also observed that data was highly deviated from variable Promotion and lest with Brand Image which is favorable. All the factors which were subjected to investigate help to take competitive advantage and will discriminate brand from several which make customers loyal influences customers’ decision making. It is also found that people become more brand conscious related themselves with brands in order to meet social needs which make them feel deprive and pursue the repetitive purchase. Fights to retain customers become more beneficial for the advancement and invention of new technologies. It is found that this competitive environment does not allow marketers to take unethical commercial benefits in presence of competitors but on the other hand, it helps managers to make excellent marketing strategies and advice manufacture to take correct business decisions. Loyalty is all about the state of mind so it assists marketers to understand consumer buying behavior.




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Tabish, M., Hussain, S. F., & Afshan, S. (2017). Factors That Affect Brand Loyalty: A Study of Mobile Phone Industry of Pakistan. KASBIT Business Journal, 10(2), 151–170. Retrieved from https://www.kasbitoric.com/index.php/kbj/article/view/107

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