Workplace Hazing and Employee Turnover Intention: Understanding the Mediating Effect of Emotional Exhaustion


  • Waqas Shaikh MPhil Scholar, Institute of Business Management
  • SANIA USMANI Assistant professor, Institute of Business Management


Workplace hazing, Emotional Exhaustion, Turnover Intention


This study examines the association between workplace hazing and turnover intension in police department of larkana city. In addition to it mediating effect of emotional exhaustion is also checked with workplace hazing and turnover intension. A survey-based method is used to collect data from respondents. A sample of 346 size was used in this study. Data was collected from the employees of police department. Convenience sampling technique is used to collect data. The study is quantitative in nature and it is conducted to measure the cause and effect relationship of the variables. Workplace hazing is an independent variable, turnover intension is dependent variable and emotional exhaustion is a mediating variable. It was found that employees are willing to leave an organization when they became victims of hazing based activities like verbal abuse and mental stress. This system affects the performance of organization. For the analysis of data SPSS and PLS SEM were used to check validity, reliability, correlation and other tests were also done.