An Analysis of the General and Gender Difference Regarding Emotional Intelligence among Employees: Evidence from Government and Non-Government Organizations of Hyderabad


  • Anisa Gul Bhatti


Emotional intelligence, Emotional competencies, Intelligence quotient and Emotional quotient


Emotional Intelligence is very important at workplace. Present study was conducted to
investigate the “gender difference in Emotional Intelligence in Government and Non-
Government employees of Hyderabad”. The sample is composed of 100 respondents (i.e. 50
Government and 50 Non-Government employees). Emotional intelligence Scale as developed
by Schulte, et al (1998) used to collect the data for this research. Data collected were analyzed
statistically. The mean of Government employee score is 26.06 and the mean of Non-
Government employee score is 29.06. The Standard deviation of Government employee score
is 3.685. The Standard deviation of Non-Government employee score is 4.109. The t-value
among the scores of Government and Non-Government employees are 0.019, indicates nonsignificant
level (i-e P>0.10). The t-value of the scores of male and female employees of
Government and Non-Government employees are 0.024, and 0.035 respectively, indicates nonsignificant
level (i-e P>0.10). This research finding proved that both Government and non-
Government employees have no difference in emotional intelligence and there is nonsignificant
difference in emotional intelligence in male and female employees of Hyderabad.