A Quantitative Approach to the Adoption of Green Building Practices in Karachi


  • Aatiqa Sheikh
  • Dr Sara Rashid
  • Arsalan Ahmed Iqra University


Ecological sustainability has been raising alarm bells for decades and with every passing day we are witnessing the consequences caused due to its imbalance.  Resultantly, it has become an increasing concern for the majority of the population. In recent years, carbon dioxide (CO2) emission has been recorded above thirty-six billion tons. One of the major culprits? Construction industry. Due to the environmentally unfriendly habits, even in the thrust of Environmental cause, Green Building Practices lack vision. This paper intends to determine the factors that affect the Consumers’ intention to adopt Green Building Practices in Karachi. In this research, the pathway chosen for data collection and analysis is the quantitative method i.e., explanatory which refers to as the theory testing approach. This is a one-time cross-sectional study using the deductive approach based on the secondary data collected from the literature. SPSS software is used to analyze the data and find the statistical results. All the hypotheses have been proven to be accepted by the research conducted in the vicinity of Karachi, Pakistan. This data indicates the result of 120 respondents who were well informed about the Green Building concept.

Keywords: Consumer Attitude, Subjective Norms, Environmental Knowledge, Green Building, Green Building Practices




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