Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management Systems Implementation


  • Abdul Samad
  • Dr. Abdul Kabeer Kazi
  • Musaddiq Raheem


Knowledge Management, IT, Information System, KMS Implementation


To obtain the competitive advantage of knowledge management, firms have to recognize significant sources. For the organizations, implementation of knowledge management system (KMS) become a key challenge Aim of the study is to find out the relationship of employee training, leadership, performance management and information system infrastructure with knowledge management implementation. Implementing the knowledge management there are two popular ways one is knowledge base and second is intranet. For the competitive advantage recently the corporate leader realized that employee knowledge is critical resources for the organization so within the organization encourage employees to share their knowledge to each other. Researcher used regression as a statistical tool in this correlation study. In this paper author collected information through questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed among 31 respondents. Moreover, on the basis of statistics the author concluded that infrastructure and leadership have significant relationship with knowledge management implementation.