Intention to Adopt M-Commerce over E-Commerce


  • Sameeah Alvi
  • Ume Laila
  • Kamran Khan
  • Syed Karamatullah Hussainy


M-Commerce, E-Commerce, SMS-Based Mobile Advertising, Technological Knowledge, Mobile Phone Access, Mobile usage


M-commerce is the subsequent generation of e-commerce which facilitates the user to access internet without requiring a place for plug-in. Today, mobile is not merely used for sending messages or for calling but it serves a wide variety of other purposes that are beneficial in corporate world. M-commerce helps in improving relationship with customers. It is an area that is still under development phase and offers potential prospects for further research and applications. Since the subject is at the stage of progress, this research help explore how and why m-commerce is gaining continuous popularity and taking over e-commerce and initiates further research on the reasons of growth of m-commerce expertise. Prior studies suggest that e-commerce and m-commerce are not only leading edge for doing global business and trade but also offers multiple benefits to the business, government and consumers on substantial scale. The incredible growth in mobile phone access shows that majority of people have adapted to mobile phone and advancement in mobile technology and its usage is not limited for making basic phone calls, but can be used almost in every sector of human activity if one has the required technological knowledge. Since the time e-commerce has evolved, the world of business has observed a drastic change in the way trade activities are conducted. On the other hand, influx of m-commerce has given rise to valuable commerce transformation. Significant advancement has been made in mobile Internet and SMS-based mobile advertising adoption, but there are other vital topics that need to be addressed and this research further explore one such area, that is, m-commerce in banking sector. For any country banking sector is an integral part of its financial services industry. Structure of the Banking Sector of Pakistan as it being a developing country and having a comparatively low level of income, is requisite growth rate is low as there is hardly any savings. The newer concept in Pakistan is the standard of living along with the quality of life
Intention to Adopt M-Commerce over E-Commerce
which focuses on individual aspects of human nature. These have led to foreign aids which have been the holding force to bridge the gap for us between our savings and investments. Simple random sampling technique has been used to identify the segment whereas customers of four banks are taken as respondents in this study. The demographic characteristics include workforce of eighteen years and older and who have access to Internet, Mobile Phone and Bank account. Questionnaire used in the study is based on 5 points Likert Scale whose reliability is also checked before conducting the analysis. Multiple- regression, ANOVA and Correlation analysis has been used to test the hypotheses. This paper summarizes the progress and the future directions of m-commerce which depicts that the arrival of m-commerce has added to the margins of effective commerce revolution and is constantly taking over e-commerce and e-commerce activities. Future researchers may also identify the importance of m-commerce in other industries as well.