Consumer Behaviour towards Women’s Cooperative Dairy (Swakrushi Milk): A Field Based Study in Karimnagar District, India


  • Ravinder Rena
  • Suresh Vadde


Milk Industry, International Economy, Consumers, Women Empowerment, Swakrushi Milk, Customer Satisfaction


The main aim of this study is to examine the consumers’ behavior towards milk consumption. The specific objectives are to know the regular source of milk, satisfaction with the quality of milk products and their price; payment system, per capita consumption of milk, and to provide implications for Swakrushi and explores the preferable promotional channel of consumers in the milk industry. All the marketing processes start with the consumer and hence the consumer is a very important person to a market. In order to become a successful marketer, one must know the liking or disliking of the customers. Literature review shows that the manufacturers produce and the sellers sell whatever the consumer likes. In this sense, “consumer is the supreme in the market”. As consumers, we play a very vital role in the health of the local, national or international economy. For this study, a structured questionnaire was administered on a Likert scale and the number of respondents was 100 consumers from Swakrushi dairy of Mulkanoor town, Karimnagar district, India. Answers to questionnaires were tabulated and percentages of these were taken for analysis. It is concluded that the majority of the consumers are purchasing milk from shops, commission agencies, consumers are satisfied with the price, quality, and 74 percent of consumers pay by card. Electronic media is playing a significant role in advertising dairy products. It is suggested that for more business quality, prices and services be improved to compete with other manufacturers